Troop 90's Wreath Ordering Page

Hello T90 Families!

Today marks the official start of our Christmas Wreath Fundraiser for our Scouts!

Please see the documents for information outlining the details of the sale and forms needed for the sale.

Any questions, please reach out to Lauren @


Some important dates to be aware of :

  • OCTOBER 31: Deadline to have your final wreath order number submitted to me
  • NOVEMBER 25: Meeting date that will be for wreath building, 7-9pm
  • December 2: All wreath monies are due to me IN FULL.

Important Documents :

  • Wreath Intro Letter: Click HERE
  • Wreath Sales Letter: Click HERE
  • Wreath Flier: Click HERE
  • Wreath Hello Neighbor Letter: Click HERE
  • Wreath Sale List: Click HERE