Troop 90 Beaver Weekend
Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation
December, 2008

Troop 90 is back from their “Cold Weather camping trip” at KMSR.

First I want to say - it WAS COLD!! We left on Saturday morning with the thermometer hovering around 28 degrees and it never went higher – just lower……By 8:00 pm Saturday night we were enjoying 13 degree temps – of course with smiles on our faces J

Let me remind everyone that we were camping in lean-to’s – no cabins – real ‘cold weather’ camping!

All 22 of us braved the temps and accomplished our planned task. We broke up into groups and worked thru the weekend - We had step builders, water runners, stone haulers, equipment haulers, wood splitters, cooks, and pot washers. We confirmed that working in the cold takes twice as long to accomplish a task – this included cooking ours meals. Propane does not flow too well in freezing temps and washing with a block of ice is a real bummer. We had stove trouble, lantern problems, and frozen caps and water in our water jugs but, in true T90 fashion we accepted the tasks at hand and worked thru the issues.

There is not much ‘down time’ camping in the cold. There is always something to do and it will take you twice as long to do it. For example…..meals were taking close to 2 hours from start to finish and you can never have enough firewood for warmth and de-icing– which consumed a good part of the day.

Saturday night was a high point – that evening Mr. Grzelak took the boys down to the parade field and they laid down and watched a wonderful meteor shower along with the brightest moon you have ever seen. You have to picture 18 people in 13 degree weather lying in a field on their backs going OOOH – AHHH. Are we crazy??? No... Just scouters.

Everyone should be good and tired by now – but with smiles on their faces. They all braved the cold and accomplished the weekend tasks – all the while with a few frozen toes but plenty of laughter.

I want to especially thank Josh and Jake for leading the troop with all the tasks. But let’s not forget Mr. Grzelak (who never get’s tired), Mr. Roff (Mr. Fix-it), Mr. Pigott (Mr. Step) and Mr. Grant (Lumberjack) for all their adult support. We had one scout finish his 1st Class cooking requirements (Matt Z) and Chris R. completed the camping merit badge requirements except for his final write up. AND….. special thanks to all the scouts that hauled stuff up and down the hill many times throughout the weekend. Way to go guys!!!!!!!

Adirondack Campsite is looking better than ever!!!!!!! Troop 90 was awarded a special certificate by the camp masters for all our work this weekend.

Mr. Z