Highland Games Camporee
Thompson Park, Jamesburg

Troop 90 is back from Highland Games and boy did we have fun.

We had 22 scouts that attended in 3 patrols to bring Troop 90 to 4th Place Troop overall. Very nice job especially since 2/3rd of the scouts were either 1st year or 2nd year scouts.

There were 13 regular troop patrols competing and I think everyone did a great job.

Bionic Bats took home 3rd place in Dragon Slayer, 3rd place in Boiling Grog and came in 9th place troop patrol overall. Great performance guys for 1st year scouts!!!

Cyborg Penguins took home 1st place in Boiling Grog, 3rd place in Logging Chain, and came in 6th place troop patrol overall. You guys are now coming around – great job !!!!

Maniac Monkeys, which was actually a mix of three patrols (Spartans, Renegades, and Monkeys) took home 2nd place in the Logging Chain, 2nd place in Last Aid, and came in 4th place troop patrol overall. A fine job especially since you were a mixed patrol.

The adults also did a fine job – we had the task of running Comlogen Tower and thanks to the weather we all got some serious sun coloring since we were on the field all day. The weather was perfect and the camping was nice. Of course we all had a lot of fun laughing and telling stories during our down time. Thanks go to Mr. Garwood, Mrs. Lien, Mr. Pigott, Mr. Ruffe, Mr. Longley, and Mr. Grant for helping out.

Saturday evening we had some great entertainment – 1st we had Brian Courtney and Joey Grzelak give us the re-mix version of ‘I’m a little teapot’ – the entire Camporee witnessed it and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard watching it. The best part is that they did it for a found item from one of T90’s own who had already gone home. Way to go guys and show Scout Spirit. The 2nd part of the entertainment was that the South Brunswick Police were at the campfire and performed a wonderful Bagpipe concert for us– it was very nice and fit in with the Camporee theme.

Aside from the competition, the patrols also did a fine job working as a patrol and they built a great Boy Scout campsite – we looked like a real troop.

I’ll see you all at the meeting and we can share our results.

Oh……. anyone that didn’t attend missed Mr. Z in his Class Z uniform J ask someone that was there.

Mr Z

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