Snuffy Hollow Invitational Camporee
Thompson Park, Jamesburg
May 2-4, 2008
Troop 90 is back from Snuffy Hollow Camporee and what a great weekend it was. Our youth leadership was very in charge and they all did a fantastic job.

We had 19 scouts and 6 adults attend Snuffy’s 45th anniversary camporee. We had a great site, camped ‘LI’ style (low impact) and the scouts did a great job setting up the campsite. We all had the same tents set up by patrol and we cooked over open fires. No stoves and very little gear. We spent the weekend doing what Boy Scouts do best – having fun together and eating well.

Snuffy has a tradition of always being a rainy weekend but we lucked out and only had rain while we slept. We’ll take that kind of weather anytime.

We had 3 patrols that competed and they all did a fine job. The Renegades took a 1st place ribbon for compass on the trail and 3rd place in the ‘fun’ station.

The Cyborgs didn’t ribbon but what they did do was let each and every troop know they were there. They have the best cheer and the best scout spirit I have ever seen from a scout patrol. In fact at one station that I was at – they were sitting eating their trail snack and cheering away. I asked them what was in that trail mix and another troop adult said to me ‘what ever it is – I want some – that patrol has the best scout spirit’. They surely had fun and their high spirits became contagious to those around them. Go Cyborgs!!!

Our 1st year patrol – the Bionic Bats – also did a great job at their first time out. They took 1st place in the fun station and did an admirable job at the other stations with Patrick Bluem as their guide. These guys are on their way to becoming some great scouts. Besides all the competition they also all earned their Totem Chips back at camp, took full charge of themselves setting up their site, and cooked all their own meals…….way to go BATS !!!!!

So –Troop 90 took 2 ribbons in the fun station; this proves Troop 90 knows how to fun. Let’s not forget why we are boy scouts- to learn, lead and have the time of our life.

Overall, Troop 90 placed 10th overall amongst a field of 18 troops. Very impressive for our 2nd year out at Snuffy. The other troop’s better watch out next year!!!

I want to thank all the scouts and adults that attended – you made my weekend.

Mr. Z

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